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  • What happens after I send my order ?
    Once order is received, an acknowledgement of the order with the delivery/ship date will be emailed to the sender. This is contingent upon receiving payment.
  • How long is the delivery once order is placed ?
    It is typically 1 – 2 weeks upon receiving payment. However, an actual delivery/ship date will be advised in the acknowledgement email
  • Is there any additional charges other than what is calculated in the ecommerce website ?
    There are no other charges from our side. However, local custom / excise charges may apply. For orders outside Singapore, a GST or VAT may also apply – these are to be borne by receiver
  • What if the delivered goods does not match my order ?
    Please take picture and email within 7 days upon receiving the goods
  • Can we make payment is USD or any other currency ?
    At the moment all payments are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) only
  • The goods are delivered to my doorstep or I have to collect from another location ?
    All goods are delivered to the address mentioned in the order. If delivery is required at another vicinity within the location like packaging stuff, please indicate in the order
  • How do I check on my order status ?
    Do send us an email with your order number and your request

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