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Printjet 1S

Thermal Inkjet

With a cartridge as an ink holder, making TIJ very suitable for businesses that are not too large, because it is easier to use and also safe in ink storage (not easily wasted).


Printdate 24

Thermal Transfer Overprinting

One of the favourites for the printing or coding process. Because not only is the price cheap, TTO is also very easy to use. Very good for all sizes of business.

PF 760.png

Printflex 760

Continuous Inkjet

CIJ Printers with a system that repeats or loops to form letters or numbers. Usually this type of printing sends out the print results in the form of a dot. Very suitable for large companies that require speed and also low cost.


Banten, Jakarta, Singapore, Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipine, Thailand

printdate 32c_edited.jpg
Prindate 53c_edited.jpg


Thermal transfer



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